TOP 5 Company Declared Bonus Stock In August 2021

TOP 5 Company Declared Bonus In August 2021:

Sun Retail

First Bonus Stock Is Sun Retail Company Business Is Trading In Raw Material. Also Trading In Oil Refined And Filer Oil. Gold And Coffee Trading Also Available In This Company. The Oil Products Are Sunflower Oil, Cotton Oil Etc. This Company Business Modul Is Good.  Sun Retail Generate Good Amount Of Revenue in Year To Year. Parent Company Is Tjr Agrocom.

This Company PB Is 1.44 And Sector PE Is 197.68. Sun Retail Company Located In Ahmedabad Gujarat. Sun Retail Announce Give Bonus Stock To His Share Holder. Announcement Of Date is 30-06-2021. This Company Gives Bonus 3:5. Three Stock Bonus on Five Stock.

Ex- Bonus Date Is 13/08/2021 And Record Date Is 17/08/2021. This Company Gives a Good Rate Of Bonus Stock. Company Performance Is Good. Today’s Company Stock Price Is 24.45 Rupees. Last Few Month This Company Is Under Perform. Sun Retail 52 Week High Is 34.00 And 52 Week Low Is 17.40.

Manufacturing Company Details:

Kshitij Polyline.

Kshitij Polyline Is a Plastic Products Manufacturing company In India. This Company Manufactures Plastic Card Holders, Binding Materials, Plastic Files & Folders, Plastic Clip Fitting, and Different Accessories. This Company Is Good In Plastic Manufacturing Company. Kshitij Polyline Is Online Products Selling By Website And Application. These Company Online Products Selling In Bulk Items.

This Company Generates Good Revenue In This Pandemic. This Company Profit Generate In This Pandemic. This Company Sector PE Is 18.83, And P/B Is 1.90. This Company Located In Diu And Daman. Kshitij Polyline Bonus Announce on 08-07-2021. Bonus Is 1:6. One Stock Bonus on Six Stock.

Ex Bonus Date Is 13/08/2021 And Stock Record Date Is 17/08/2021. This Company Bonus Rate Is Avg. Today’s Company Stock Price Is 39.25 Indian Rupees. And Stock 52 Week High Is 19.85 and 52 Week Low Is 19.85. This Company Is Good In His Sector. Kshitij Polyline Company Portfolio Is Large.

Swasti Vinayaka

Swasti Vinayaka Is a Textiles Sector Company. This Company Manufacturing Branded Clothes And Designing Men’s and Women’s Clothes. This Company Is Top Company In Textiles Business. This Company Provides All Type Of Clothes. This Company Located in Mumbai. Swasti Vinayaka Is Profitable Company. Company Clients Are Tata Steel, Tata Power, Hero, Honda, Coca-Cola, etc. Today’s Stock Price Is 9.68. Sector PE Is 18.82 And PB Is 4.77.

Company Announce Bonus Stock 2:7. Ex Stock Date Is 23/08/2021 And the Record Date Is 24/08/2021. This Company 52 Week High Is 22.02 And 52 Week Low Is 2.08. This Is a Good Text Tiel Company.

Computer And Software Company Bonus Stock:

Brightcom Group

This Company Is Computer Sector Company In India. Brightcom Is a Big Digital Marketing Company In India. This Company Provides All Type Of Digital Marketing Related Service. Brightcom Client Base is so Big Domestic And International Clients Available. 22 International Branch Available.

This Company Service Is Web & APP Development, SEO, Marketing All Type Of Digital Service Provide. Company CEO And Chairman Is Suresh Reddy. Sector PE Is 36.98 And Brightcom PB 0.92. This Company is Located In Hyderabad India. Today’s Stock Price Is 37.30.

Brightcom Announce Bonus 1:4. The expected Ex Bonus Date Is 18/08/2021. And Record Date 20/08/2021. This Company Listed On NSE And BSE Both Platform. This Company Is Profitable Company. And Last 1 Year This Company Give 440+%. This Is a Future Holding Company. This Company 52 Week High Is 55.70 And 52 Week Low Is 4.70. Brightcom Good Work In Future.

Redington India

Redington India Is IT Software And Hardware Related Company. This Company Provides New Technology Sevices. Redington India Service Is AI(Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, Robotics, Analytics, IoT, 5G Etc. This Company Is Old IT Sector Company. Redington Clients Is So Big. Clients Are Amazon, Apple, Flipkart, Dell Etc. Domestic And International Both Clients Available.

This Company 205+ Warehouse, 235+ Globel Branch Available. This Company Also Work In Solar And Cloud Technology. Large Distribution Network Available. Indian And International Management Available. This Is a Good Profitable IT Company. This Company Portfolio Is So Big. In Future This Company Is Largest Company India.

Sector PE is 46.80. And PB Is 2.34. This Company Gives Good Returns In Future. This Company Declares Bonus on 07/07/2021. Bonus Ratio Is 1:1. Ex Bonus Date Is 18/08/2021 And Record Date Is 20/08/2021. Today’s Stock Price Is 316.85. 52 Week High is 358.00 and 52 Week Low Is 86.75. This Company Is Good Profitable In Future.

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